Past Production Shots
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 "Blues in the Night," 2006  add text.
 "Shock-N-Awgural Ball," 2005
  Poster Photos, 2008 
Opening scene and finale of "Berlin to Birmingham."
 "Berlin to Birmingham," 2007 t.
"Soldaten wohnen auf den Kanonen"-- ~Brecht/Hauptman/Kurt Weill
"Scarlett" bemoans the occupation of her homeland by foreign liberators
"Karlie" -- Some call him Bush's brain -- we call him Bush's lap dog .[Karl Rove]
"Springtime for Homeland Security"
Birmingham, AL
  Beneath his robe, "Judge Roy Moore" wears BLUE VELVET eRdd text.
A Legislator & a Lobbyist dance the eternal "Zuhälter-ballade" (Pimp's Song) tango  from THREEPENNY OPERA byKurt Weill 
(Will Cleaveland and Deborah Mauldin)
The Gay NRA!  with Ellise Mayor & Micah Allen
The PIC works with the traditional half-height curtain and visible light source used by Caspar Neher in Berlin, 1929, as Latino "immigrants" flee to "America." Nashville, TN
Terry Hermes as Cheney with Katrina, Bush and James Ansager
at the Bongo Java After Hours Theatre,  Nashville, TN
Ginny Logins as Nancy Pelosi in 
"Gotta  Have a Gimmick"
    Our special guests ....
"Blue Tango"
Renaissance Theatre, Huntsville, AL
THREE Naughty Lolas!
Celeste LaBorde, Moonlight Music, Vestavia Hills, AL
Ty Thornton & Lissa LaGrand
Additional Photo Credits Available on Request
Director Diane McNaron,
 "Streets of Berlin" by Phillip Glass
Atlanta, GA; Horizon HS Theatre.
"The PIC Unmasked," 2009
Elnora Spenser sings the PIC's  "Leapin' Larry" -- created for Birmingham, AL's former mayor Larry Langford, now leaping in  federal custody
Kimberly Kirklin as Sarah Palin,
  Frank Thompson as the "Undead' -- Karl Rove
 "Carnival of Venice" Ballet
 Andrew Duxbury and Deborah Mauldin, University of Montevallo, AL
Choreographer Deborah Mauldin
​Birmingham Improv Festival Cabaret 2004
PIC's tribute: "Children of Palestine"
Deborah Mauldin dances Saint Saens "Swan" in PIC's damning depiction of the BPP oil spill
PIC -- Enemy of the State -- 2011
Gabrielle Metz -- "Newsy"
"Alabama Song" 
with Kimberly Kirklin, 
Andrew Duxbury
 and Diane McNaron
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The Death Penalty in Alabama 
featuring Rodney Davidson
"Night of the Living PIC"  -- 2016
Apache Dancers, 
Choreographer Deborah Mauldin & Christophe  & Christophe
Hip-Hop Dancer, Tarrance Muse
Director Diane McNaron, Human Rights Awardee Mercutio Southall
The Zombie GOP
Heidi Malmquist  Tribute

"Cabaret" with Kimberly Kirklin
"Two Parties" and Who's a Man to Vote For?
Ellise Mayor, Christophe and Catherine Hosford
Ellise Mayor as "Hillary"